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How it Works

 Here is what you can expect by signing up for our consumer panel. 

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  Sign up for our panel by filling out our registration form. 

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 Take surveys that appear in your portal. Each survey is tailored to your specific interest. 

How it Works Earn Points

  Earn Points

 Earn points by completing surveys. The more surveys you take, the more points you can earn. 

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  Redeem your points for rewards. The types of rewards you can receive are described below. 

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 Who Can Join

 Our panel is open to motorcycle and snowmobiling enthusiast, recreational boaters and consumers of adult beverage, 21 years and older.

who can join - motorcycle and snowmobiling enthusiast, recreational boaters and consumers of adult beverage

 MyVoiceRewards is sponsored by the publishers of Rider Magazine, Woman Rider, Snow Goer, and Boating Industry and is part of EPG Specialty Information. 

 Types of Rewards

 Redeem your points for online gift cards. Pick and choose your favorite brands from our selected marketplace. 

Rewards - Redeem your points for online gift cards.

Many more to choose from

(Rewards may vary)

The merchants represented are not sponsors of the rewards or otherwise affiliated with MyVoiceRewards Omnibus. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and / or its affiliates. Please visit each company’s website for additional terms and conditions.

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 Panelist Feedback

 Don’t just take our word for it. Look at what others are saying about our panel.

Feedback Rachel

 “Taking surveys is super easy and points are distributed into my account right away!”

Feedback Jordan

 “MyVoiceRewards provides plenty of surveys that I can take anytime and anywhere on my mobile phone.”

Feedback Alex

 “I’ve taken other surveys before and they are always long and boring. MyVoiceRewards surveys are always short and interesting.”


How do I join MyVoiceRewards?

Can I refer people to MyVoiceRewards?

Yes, you can refer as many people as you like. Eligible recipients must have a verified email address and completion of initial survey. 

What happens if I’m inactive for 12 months or more?

If you haven’t logged in and completed any activities, your account will be considered inactive and may be closed. Rewards will be forfeited.

 Can I have more than one account?

You are only allowed to register for one account. If you register for more than one account, all of your accounts will be closed. 

Can anyone join MyVoiceRewards?

You must be 18 years or older to join MyVoiceRewards. You can get started by creating a free account here. 

How do I close my account?

You can close your account anytime by logging in and closing your account from the setting tab. Once your account is closed, it cannot be reopened, and remaining balances will be forfeited. 

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